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    Latest Version: 1.1.12

    Web server and client combo for managing and monitoring multiple Octoprint instances.

    Created and maintained by James Mackay from NotExpectedYet

What is OctoFarm?

OctoFarm is a web server and client combo for unifying multiple instances of Octoprint. You can manage and monitor as many instances as you want from a single interface giving you full control over your 3D printer farm.

100% Free and Open Source

All source code is available to check out and you get the entire feature set for free!


Manage and control every aspect of your OctoPrint run farm.


Keep an eye your entire farm from a selection of views.


Keep track of historical successful, failed or cancelled prints.

File Manager

Quickly switch and manage all your printers file lists.

Filament Manager

Keep track of your spool inventory and assign to print jobs.