OctoFarm: About

About OctoFarm

OctoFarm was created to fill a need anyone using OctoPrint with multiple printers will have run into... How do I manage all this from one place!?
That's where OctoFarm steps in, due to it's server based architecture it allows for constant monitoring over your farm and a web interface to manage whenever you want.

Find out more about each section of the app below.

Printer Manager

An area designed to allow you full control over adding/removing/editing/managing printers on your farm.

Take full control of your farm with the bulk actions, quickly bring online a batch of printers and get some prints started.

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Printer Administration

Manage your farm right down to each individual printer. Quickly add/remove a new bank of printers with the Add / Import / Delete buttons. You can also bulk edit your printers for any network/settings changes.

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Printer Management

Each printer get's a host of options for further control and management. You can set maintainence alerts, view individual printer statistics, see printer logs and edit your OctoPrint settings

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Bulk Actions

Bring a whole section of your farm online and ready to print with the click of a button. Currently allows you to connect/disconnect (OctoPrint -> Printer) and also Re-Scan (refresh OctoFarm -> OctoPrint connection) your OctoPrint instances.


A customisable overview of your entire farm with a wide selection of elements to choose from.

Quickly see your farms current print statistics, printer states and even your farms environment history all on a single page. Great for a large screen display.

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Customise your view

You can completely customise your view by arranging the elements anyway you want. You can also re-size all of the elements including the graphs.

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Disable/Enable Elements

Choose which elements you feel are most important for your dashboard by disabling the ones you don't need.

Monitoring Views

Keep an eye on your entire farm at once whilst retaining controls over each individual printer.

Choose between various views to better suit your individual farm needs. No camera's on your farm? No problem, OctoFarm reacts to your OctoPrint camera settings so you don't waste resources on what's not needed.

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List View

This view will display all your printers in an organised list, perfect for those camera-less farms.

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Camera View

This view is a camera monitoring station for your printers. You can customise the camera rows and view many streams at once.

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Panel View

This view is a kind of combination of the previous two views. It will show your camera if available and give you more refined controls over prints.


A running log of every successful/cancelled/failed print across your entire farm.

Drill down into individual prints or see statistics of a group of them using the available filters. You can also log notes and if available history will capture your file image from the Prusa/SuperSlicer/Cura stl preview plugins.

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Drill down and see updated statistics with the available history filters. Find a specific file, prints that used a certain spool or even drill down by folder which can be used to keep a group of prints together.

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Get an idea of your most printed file, most used spool or even automatically calculate your prints cost per hour.

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History Card

Open up the history card to drill down into more specific print meta data and also update some of the fields. Allows you to add notes to your print for future reference.

File Manager

Quickly swich between your OctoPrint file lists on every printer on your farm.

Full management capabilities as well as drag/drop upload triggers, Multiple file Uploads to multiple printers at once and more.

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Printer Switching

Quickly change between all the printers file lists on your farm and manage the files on each of these instances.

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File Actions

Manage your files with the file actions Sync, Start, Select, Move, Download and Delete all all currently available for each file. You can also Upload, Upload and Print, Create folders on your OctoPrint instance.

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Multi-Upload / Print

Got a large set of files that you need on a few different printers? Fire off multiple files to multiple printers with a few clicks. Uploading a single file? You have the options to print after upload is complete.

Filament Manager

Keep a track of all your manufacturers and spools and assign them to printers so they are logged and tracked by OctoFarm

Enhance your spool tracking with Filament Manager Plugin support on OctoPrint. Enabling this and syncing your OctoFarm instance with it will bring a whole host of extra information like cost/weight.

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Profiles Information

OctoFarm splits your spools by Profiles. Profiles include the constants that are the same across every roll. Manufacturer, Material, Density and Diameter.

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Spool Information

Spools are your individual spool, you can be as pedantic with this as you like. Track each individual one or just track it by colour / material type. Weight is only available whilst using the Filament Manager Plugin.

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Get an overview of your filament statistics. See how much of a specific type you've got with the available filters for your spools.


Editable options to further tweak your OctoFarm instance.

Includes client/server settings, setup Alerts for specific triggers in your farm, Basic management of OctoFarms database, Download OctoFarms logs and view system information about your instance.

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Setup alerts that fire off to custom system scripts from triggers on your farm. You can use Print Done, Failed, Paused, Cooled and Error as triggers at the moment.

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Customise OctoFarms server and client settings to your liking. OctoFarm should work out of the box for most setups, but the option is there if required.

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View and download all of OctoFarms system logs. They are split by function so you can investigate a specific area with ease.