OctoFarm: Installation

How to setup OctoFarm

Due to OctoFarms code base it's very system agnostic. There are however some limitations to what systems MongoDB can be installed on, i.e. needs to be 64-bit.

It is NOT recommended to install OctoFarm on the same RaspberryPi you run OctoPrint from. Whilst OctoFarm isn't very resource intensive it does a lot of fast calculations and I wouldn't personally give it the possibility to interfere with an active print. If you we're to go this route, you would need MongoDB installed on another system that is always on... it's much easier to just provide OctoFarm with it's own system.

Currently there are no installation packages for specific systems either. Those are been worked on currently but will require some code re-factoring before available. For now I have tried to simplify the installation steps below as much as humanly possibly. You should just be able to copy and paste each command into your available system.

Support Browsers

Currently OctoFarms client is compiled with ES5 support in mind so it should work fine on pretty much all browsers. It does also have a responsive layout so it will work on mobiles but this is not the core focus of the applications web interface so experiences may vary.


MongoDB - v3.6+
NodeJS - v12.18.4 (Recommended to use the LTS version)
NPM - v6+
OctoPrint - v1.3.9+

Installation Steps

Instructions for specific systems are listed below. Any issues please log a bug on github and choose Documentation Issue. New Issue!